About us

Welcome to TUSKER-CLOTH-SYSTEM® in Owen/Teck at the foot of the Swabian Mountains. Our company is located in a stylishly renovated nearly 140 year old weaving mill near the A8 motorway, approx. 25 km southeast of Stuttgart.

In 1998 we came up with the idea of using our longstanding textile history and resultant experience to create new products from high-tech materials. The TUSKER company set as its goal, with the collaboration of Textile University of Reutlingen and renowned textile and clothing engineers, the development of a practice-oriented, high-end quality clothing system suitable for all weather conditions. Target customers would be hunters, fishermen, equestrians and other active nature lovers who could appreciate the combination of function and wear comfort with a contemporary appearance.

Initially only available in Germany, today the Tusker System is sold in 18 European countries via our reliable sales partners in specialty retail shops, mail-order and online shops.

We derived the name TUSKER from the English language; it stands for the powerful tusks of the bull elephant as well as for the mighty weapons of the full-grown male wild boar.

The TUSKER-CLOTH-SYSTEM® is based on the onion skin layering principle, the only modular clothing system available today in which systematically – from the functional underwear to the thermal protective clothing to the waterproof, breathable mackintosh – the yarns, fabrics and accessories for all 7 layers have been optimally harmonised to work together.

Our sample studio is the highlight of the company. It is here that new ideas and suggestions from practical daily use intersect with textile know-how and many years of hands-on experience with high quality fabrics and the latest processing technologies. Equally important is an ongoing interest in trying out new things as well as having an eye for what is achievable. However, often enough even "highly praised" new materials and fabrics are discarded because they don’t measure up to our requirements for outdoor clothing that is both functional and protective against the forces of nature.

The series production of the TUSKER-CLOTH-SYSTEM® is being positioned all across Europe with proven ready-made clothing manufacturers. Regular visits by a technician on site together with the competence of our production partners ensure our high quality standards are maintained.

To us active marketing means: constantly working within and on the TUSKER System.Consultation, flexibility and service are our focus. This means we not only take care of sales partner requests promptly, but also custom assemble outfits for travelling to all the continents.

We are happy to receive your ideas as well as improvement suggestions in order to further develop the practicality of our collection.

For your individual purchase or online order from our collection you will find your competent contact partner under "Where to buy".

Thank you for your interest in TUSKER-CLOTH-SYSTEM®,
Frank Leuze

Tusker Cloth Gebäude